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World Celebrities in Croatia

World celebrities in Croatia is frequent occurrence during summer months. Popular actors, renowned performers, sport stars, rich investors as well as politicians and the rest of jet set from all over the world travel to visit Croatia and its coast, year after year.

Who could blame them? With more than 1000 islands, charming towns, numerous hidden bays and secluded beaches, the Adriatic is ideal for hiding from bright lights and paparazzi on a spacious sailboat or luxury yacht. Even if you spot one of world celebrities in Croatia at the port or at one of the restaurants, they can easily sail to another island or part of Adriatic and have their privacy.

That being said, many of them will disembark from the boat to explore cities and attractions such as Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Korčula, Zadar, Pula or Opatija, to name a few.

World celebrities in Croatia - Istria

Although Istria and Kvarner are popular for many visitors from Austria, Slovenia and other nearby countries for their summer vacation, there are well known celebs which speak fondly of this part of Croatia.

Famous chef Gordon Ramsey not only visited Istria but filmed documentary for National Geographic.

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L.Jackson and Salma Hayek explored Istria while filming the sequel of Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard in Rovinj, while Angelina Jolie visited National Park Brijuni with the help of her colleague and host Rade Šerbedžija.

World celebrities in Croatia - Šibenik & Zadar

As the main cities of central part of Croatian coast with numerous islands infront, Šibenik and Zadar offer diverse array of attractions and activities to visitors and celebs.

For instance, Venus Williams has been seen dining in one of Zadar's restaurants, while Brad Pitt was seen in Šibenik associated with investment in local luxury resort, near Šibenik.

Shaquille O'Neal has performed in several clubs on Croatian coast as DJ Diesel, most notably being Zrće party beach, north of Zadar.

On the opposite side of spectrum you have Jared Leto which organized festival known as "Mars Island Croatia" at one of the islands in Šibenik archipelago with his band "30 Seconds to Mars".

World celebrities in Croatia - Split

Split as metropolis of Dalmatia with numerous highly popular islands in front, most notable being Hvar and Vis, is one of the most popular destinations for world celebrities in Croatia.

The sequel to the cult film musical Mamma Mia was filmed on island of Vis. Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Lily James, Stellan Skarsgard, Colin Firth, Dominic Cooper, and Amanda Seyfried are just some of the stars you could meet during their stay in Croatia.

On the other hand, Hollywood stars Matthew McConaughey, Chris Rock and Lake Bell were noticed in Split with Woody Harrelson and his wife Laura Louie, along with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and Lars Urlich while enjoying lunch in one of Split's restaurant overlooking the main promenade.

Among many other celebs that visited Split, Hvar and nearby islands, we will mention Dan Bilzerian, Magic Johnson, Alistar Overeem, Neil Patrick Harris, Owen Wilson, Vladimir Kličko, Rami Malek, Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts and David Guetta.

World celebrities in Croatia - Dubrovnik

Only other city that can top Split, as celebs favorite destination, is Dubrovnik. The old town with its rich history and rising popularity has become the favorite location of stars.

Although Beyonce and Jazz explored Istria and Kvarner as well as Split and Dalmatia during their several vacations on our coast, their first trip began in Dubrovnik. However, there were many world celebrities in Croatia before and after them that were eager to take a break from the lights of sports and entertainment industry.

For instance Charlize Theron, Sergio Ramos, Harrison Ford, Valentino Rossi, Jamie Foxx, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nikola Đoković, Tom Cruise and Michael Jordan are just some of sport and Hollywood celebs that visited famous UNESCO Heritage town.

Also, royals, businessman and oligarch such as Roman Abramovič, Paul Getty, Bill Gates, Caroline of Monaco, the Prince of Hanover, the King of Jordan and the Prince of Oman wanted to see Dubrovnik first hand.

World celebrities in Croatia - Other Places to Visit

Despite Croatian coast is the most popular destination of the stars, Zagreb and other somewhat less known parts of the country weren't immune to their visit.

Zagreb as Croatian capital and newly popular filming location has welcomed Kate Beckinsale, among other, as one of its own while she filmed "Canary Black".

Famous actress filmed herself cheering for Croatian Football squad during World Cup 2022.

You could also stumble upon celebs such as Ricky Martin, Jesse Eisenberg, Tim Roth or Kevin Spacey while visiting Zagreb since all of them visited our capital, whether because of work or pleasure.


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