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Three Islands Tour

Full Day Tour on a Big Boat with Lunch & Drinks

Three Islands Tour from Split is full day excursion with a big boat to Shipwreck at Nečujam bay, Maslinica on Šolta and Blue Lagoon. Besides swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing, lunch and drinks are also included in the price. It is one of the most popular trips, considering what you get and how much it costs for a full day tour.


Why choose Three Islands Tour

Excursion is best suited for families and people that prefer peaceful trip instead of speedboat adventure. Not only that we go with a big boat but this is inexpensive boat tour where you also have lunch and drinks included in the price. 


We go to the first line of islands which are closer to Split and unlike speedboats, this type of boats spend less fuel and can take more people onboard. This leads to a better price for you, the consumer which is why full day tour with a big boat is cheaper than half day tour with a speedboat.


Also, if you're afraid of speedboats, want to go with kids on the tour, you like jumping from a top deck of a big boat or you just want more shade or more space onboard, than this trip is made for you.

Shipwreck Bay

Nečujam bay on Šolta island is our first stop on Three Islands Tour. We anchor near the shipwreck which is a perfect spot for swimming, sunbathing and jumping off the boat.


However, the shipwreck under the sea provides great opportunity for snorkeling and exploring the secrets of an old and once lost time and history of Šolta island. You can grab snorkeling equipment from the boat and dive underneath. It's free.


That being said, you can also swim to the shore or enjoy in the scenery of crystal clear sea surrounded by lush green forest of pine trees, while the crickets and waves hitting the shore provide calming atmosphere in the bay.


Blue Lagoon

Maybe the best place on the tour is secluded lagoon surrounded by several  islands. Blue Lagoon is picturesque location perfect for snorkeling, thanks to turquoise color of the sea and shallow sandy sea bed.


Sun rays reflect from the white sandy bottom which creates colors and shades of blue and green that you will remember for a long time.


Although snorkeling gear is free, there aren't always enough masks for everybody but you can also bring your own mask. Speedboats can fit up to 12 to 14 people, while our boats for Three Islands Tour can fit up to 100 people. 


Also, since the lagoon is quite shallow and the boats have a big draft, we usually anchor in the middle of the lagoon. That being said, many of our guests prefer jumping from the boat, especially from its top deck, boat's sundeck.

Maslinica on Šolta

Maslinica is small, charming town situated in a bay on the western part of Šolta island which completes the experience of Three Islands Tour when combined with the Lagoon and Shipwreck Bay.


It was once a fishing village, but it slowly turned into a tourist and nautical center of the island. On the western side of town, you will find pebble beaches and beach bars. In the center of the town. there are restaurants, few markets and shops where you can buy souvenirs as well as lavander and olive oil which are synonyms with the town and the island.


You will also notice old houses made of stone and historical castle Martinis Marchi, surrounded by pine trees. If you want to take nice pics of the place, we recommend climbing on the small hill above castle Martinis Marchi from where you can see entire town.


​Tour Schedule

Three Islands Tour from Split goes every morning at 9:30 AM. Boarding the boat starts at 9:00 AM.



*Schedule may be adjusted due to weather conditions in compliance with the guests of the tour.



  • LUNCH TIME (during the cruise) 40 mins

  • FREE TIME AT MASLINICA 1 h and 30 min

  • FREE TIME IN BLUE LAGOON 1 h and 30 min

  • RETURN BACK TO SPLIT 18:00 - 18:30



Here are couple of items you may want to bring with you:


Bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, additional clothes for change and money if you want to buy souvenirs, snacks or beer. 


English speaking crew, safety gear, snorkeling equipment, lunch, water, juice and wine are included in the price of the tour.

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