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Bol beach

Zlatni Rat Beach

Join Us on Bol and Hvar Tour

Zlatni Rat beach is part of our Bol and Hvar tour. Besides the most popular beach in Croatia we also visit Hvar town and Pakleni Islands with a suprise destination at the end of the day.


Despite Bol's famous beach is the highlight of the tour, know as Golden Horn and Golden Cape, other locations aren't lagging behind, especially Hvar and its Pakleni Islands. Bol and Hvar tour is somewhat similar to Five Islands Tour. Although both tours include visiting Hvar and Pakleni Islands as part of the itinerary, the rest of the schedule sets it apart.


If you want to visit Hvar and Pakleni Islands along with popular destinations of Vis archipelago such as Blue Cave, Stiniva and Budikovac Lagoon, than Blue Cave & 5 Islands Tour is the one for you.


However, if famous Zlatni Rat beach is destination of your desire and not the Blue Cave, look no further. Not only that this tour starts bit latter, especially considering peak of the season, but it also includes somewhat shorter boat trip and no unnecessary waiting at certain destinations.


The tour goes every day at 8:30 AM and returns back to Split till 18:30. Since it is a speedboat tour, you have enough time to relax on famous Golden Horn beach, explore popular Hvar town, cool down on stunning beaches of Pakleni Islands and enjoy in finest wine tasting at local family resort on Brač island.

Bol on Brač island

Bol is small, charming town and the only settlement on the south side of Brač island with many bars, restaurants and sightseeing locations. It is also the first stop on our Bol and Hvar tour.


On the eastern side of this popular tourist destination you can visit pebble beach, Dominican monastery and its museum with rich archaeological collection.


In the city center, you will find sculpted old buildings such as Baroque mansion, the parish church of Our Lady of Carmel and Renaissance-Baroque palace where an art gallery is located.

Bol Promenade2.jpg

The Promenade

You can hop on a panoramic train to Zlatni Rat beach or take a stroll along the promenade which will take you to the beach. 


Promenade provides many locations for picturesque views of the shore as well as plenty of bars and kiosks where you can buy some snacks along the way, enjoy the scenery or buy some souvenirs.

If you don't want to walk from Bol to Zlatni Rat beach, you can hop on a tourist train which goes from Bol to Golden horn and back. Crossing this distance can take around 20 to 30 minutes, while with train it will take between 5 to 10 minutes.

Zlatni Rat beach

Although Bol is one of the most popular cities among mid-Adriatic islands, the most interesting part of the town is its west side and the most famous beach on this side of the Adriatic, Zlatni Rat. 


Covered in small golden pebbles, beach protrudes over 500 meters out into the Adriatic Sea. Its shape changes with sea currents and ever changing winds which provides opportunity for enjoying in different water and windsurfing activities.  


Zlatni Rat is surrounded by deep blue and turquoise sea, while center of the beach is covered with forest, restaurants and beach bars. On the beach, you can rent a jet-ski or enjoy in parasailing activities.


Hvar town on Hvar island

After visiting Bol and Zlatni Rat beach, Bol and Hvar tour continues on Hvar.


Besides the clear sea, nice beaches and sunny days, you will found plenty of archaeological sites, stunning old buildings, monasteries, churches and ancient cultural monuments which speak about Hvar's rich and turbulent history.  


However, number one attraction is the old fortress located on the hill above the city. From the fortress you have beautiful panoramic view of Hvar and Hell islands. It takes only 15 minutes to the top, by foot.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for summer parties, fancy restaurants, small pubs or local taverns with Croatian music and homemade wine, you won’t need to look far. During summer, Hvar is known as the town that never sleeps.

Pakleni Islands and Its Beaches

After exploring old town of Hvar, we're off to a short boat ride to beautiful Pakleni Islands, also known as Hell Islands due to long lasting summer heat.


Despite being among smaller islands, Hell Islands are one of the most popular.


Two of the most popular beaches on the Pakleni Islands are Palmižana and Carpe Diem beach which differ than Zlatni Rat beach while giving unique flavour to Bol and Hvar tour.


Besides cooling off in a warm Adriatic Sea, you will found restaurants, lounge bars and natural botanical garden on Palmižana and Carpe Diem beach.

Pakleni Islands
Wine Barrels
Wine Toast

Suprise Destination: Milna on Brač

Milna or as the Venetians called it “Valle di mille navi” is know as the bay of a thousand ships. Milna is the biggest natural harbor, ideally located for all sailors eager to visit Dalmatian islands. 


It is also perfect location for wine lovers as well as a short stop before returning to Split. That being said, sometimes we stop for a short break on Šolta island, instead of Milna which depends on the guests and the skipper.


Crystal clear sea, domestic healthy food, ideal condition for diving, sailing, fishing and one of the finest wine tasting at local family resort, is the reason why we stop to visit this hidden town on our way back from Bol and Hvar tour.

​Tour Schedule

First destination of the Bol and Hvar tour is always Bol and Zlatni Rat beach, after which we continue toward Hvar and Pakleni Islands, with short stops in Milna or Šolta on our way back to Split.



* Schedule may be adjusted due to weather conditions in compliance with the guests of the tour.

  • DEPARTURE FROM SPLIT 8:20 - 8:30

  •  ARRIVAL TO BOL 9:20 - 9:30 



  • ARRIVAL TO HVAR TOWN 12:15 - 12:30




  • ARRIVAL TO MILNA ON BRAČ 17:20 - 17:30

  • ARRIVAL BACK TO SPLIT 18:15 - 18:30


Here are couple of items you may want to bring with you:


Bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, additional clothes for change and money if you want to buy souvenirs, snacks or try windsurfing and other water activities on Zlatni Rat beach. 


English speaking crew, safety gear, snorkeling equipment and water are included in the price of the tour.

Bol & Hvar Tour.jpg

Pregnant women & toddlers!!!

In order to have enough time in each place and visit the best islands in one day, the only way is to go with a speedboat.

Since the trip can be a bit bumpy, especially if it's windy, we don't take pregnant women and children 3 years old or younger on the speedboat. 

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